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Bust Firming Natural Essential Oil

Bust Firming Natural Essential Oil

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Walk with confidence with firmer and plumper knockers!

The Bust Firming Natural Essential Oil is here to help rebalance and keep your estrogen level in check. Reduces problems such as saggy breasts and aging wrinkles with no surgery needed. Made from high quality organic extract, no health risks and re-tightens breast the natural way.


  • Enhanced Assets - Delivers essential nutrients that lifts and enlarges breasts for a fuller, curvier appearance.
  • Anti-Sagging - Prevents breasts from sagging and stretching, keeping their perfectly perky shape.
  • Skin-Nourishing - Moisturizes the skin and improves its elasticity, making skin soft, smooth and supple.
  • Confidence Boost - Walk with renewed confidence thanks to your enhanced assets.
  • Safe & Mild  - Its mild ingredients are non-irritating and safe for all skin types.
  • 100% All-Natural - Uses natural plant extracts such as grape fruit extract, rose, cananga odorata, pueraria lobata extract and more.


  • Ingredients: Rose, GrapeFruit, Cananga Odarata, Pueraria Lobata
  • Net: 10ml

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Bust Firming Natural Essential Oil
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